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About Us

UFT, the India’s top manufacturer and supplier of life safety solutions, is specialized in providing complete solutions for all types of firefighting equipment in one place. We have two major priorities which we always put first before anything else. Before our first and primary priority, we will start with our second priority. Our second priority is fighting and protecting against the destruction of life, property and the surroundings. Our first and primary priority is the prevention of calamities that lead to the destruction of life, property and the surroundings. If prevention is successful, then there is no need of fighting fire and other calamities. The speciality of UFT is that we are always prepared for any kind of situation which can be related to fire or other types of destruction.

UFT Products

The PFFEs consists of Fire Extinguishers, Nozzles, Hydrant Valves and System Accessories. The different types of Fire Extinguishers are Mechanical Form, ABC Type Dry Powder, CO2 Fire, Water Type, Wet Chemical Fire, Modular Automatic and Clean Agent. The different types of fire extinguishers help protect the people and buildings under different situations.

Other Fire Fighting Equipment include safety products such as Eye Wash Equipment, Lifebuoy, Life Jacket, Industry Umbrella, Rope Ladder, Sorbents, Spill Kits and much more. We have all the firefighting equipment in one place to protect against fire and other calamities as well as to prevent them.

We ensure that all these quality products are of the top standard because these equipment is what protects people and people’s safety is our top priority. Some of the PPEs are Respirators, Hearing Protection, Eye Protection, Body Harness, Hooks & Connectors, Body Protection, Hand Protection, Head Protection, Intrinsically Safe Lights, Signages, ESD Products and Welding Accessories.

For the ultimate safety, UFT also provides Hydrant Valves and System Accessories. Some of them are Sprinklers, Fire Suppression Systems, Smoke Alarms and Gas Leakage Detectors. Start installing these in your homes and offices for a better and safer future for everyone.

Fire Hoses and Valves

Other than Fire Hoses and Valves, the Safety Equipment of UFT consists of Fall Protection Kit, Safety Nets, Protection Shoes, Gum Boots, First Aid, Lockouts and Traffic Safety which are just some of the many products available under this category.

Fire Protection

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Working at Usha Fire Tech means being able to commit resolutely to one thing and growing from it. As an individual and as a whole – in a family enterprise that creates fascinating products around the world. Once you experience it, you’ll want to stay.